Things to Worship

Delos Bracelets, by Hermès

They're shaped as ancient columns and combined to perfection,

Haute Joaillerie Delos Bracelets are made of Gold.

Yes, just Gold. The Hermès way.

Forget about offering them to your mom on Mothersday,

they cost a handful of thousands of euros each.

But we love them anyway :)



A Journal of Things to Love

Curated by House of Gonzague

Things to Listen

Breakbot comes back for more

A new album is coming. Be Patient, it will be released later this year.

First title is available on Soundcloud, Artwork by talented Philippe Jarrigeon

Things to Buy

Coloni Seeds to grow

Coloni has developed an approach to a new kind of gardening which includes seed

mixtures composed from a conceptual point of view and plant care accessories.

Fantastic man : the Book

Marble papers, by Esme Winter

Infused with Pastels

New font by Moshik Nadav

#Winter is coming

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Things to Wear

It's almost here. The long awaited retrospective book of legendary Menswear magazine by Jop van Bennekom & Gert Jonkers will be out next week.

Book signing at Colette coming up. See you there !

Traditionally marbled by hand and offset printed

in Wiltshire, England.

Wrapping paper never looked so gooood !

A carefully curated selection of Pale Colors, Vivid vegetalia and Chromatic Porn, Infused with pastels is brought to you by creative mastermind Laetitia Sebban

Lingerie is the  fantastic newest font by New-York based Typographer Moshik Nadav. With Over 700,000 glyphs, it's one of the most advanced fonts of all time.

Endless combinations, Endless fun

Rains, our beloved Danish Rainwear brand

is back with a new Fall Winter collection,

featuring casual colors of grey and sand and soil.

Thank God it's raining a lot over here

I wanna go

Wrap it up

Show me

Check it out

Yes, please

Things to Listen

Lernert and Sander x Cos

Perez, first album

Virtual Geometry


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We love their work. We're jealous and we admit it.

This is the latest video work from Dutch duo Lernert & Sander for fast-fashion retailer Cos.

visit their website for more amazingness.

Falling in love with Perez's first album is not

something we had seen coming.

No we can't stop listening to it.

on repeat.

and repeat...

Architect and  Designer ( and dear friend ) Agathe Berthier curates an amazing visual blog you don't want to miss, with a strong statement on brutalist shapes and geometry in Architecture, Design and Art

From Industrial Design to Architecture and Fashion, Minimalissimo is a great mix of all things minimal ( yeah, you would have guessed that..)

Less is more, and Less is good.

We strongly advise you to add it to your bookmarks.

You're welcome....

See their work

Listen now

Get minimal

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